Sciatica/ Piriformis Syndrome

Your Glutes/Butt are the largest muscles in your body. if you can’t move, walk, or bend without pain you may have Piriformis or Sciatica Syndrome.

There is a muscle in your glutes called the Sciatica if it gets pinched (it can literally be a pain in the butt!) walking and bending results in shooting pain, numbness, and more..

Piriformis is another pain in the butt! It doesn’t radiate down your leg but it is just as painful and its right next door to your Sciatica.

Sciatica’s primary symptom is pain radiating down the leg.

Massage therapists treat piriformis and sciatic pain with assisted-stretch and deep tissue massage.

Yes, it is treatable and can go away with time.

There isn’t a clear reason why we get it or what causes it but again it is treatable.