I need to know If there is designated parking, street parking or if I need to pay for parking.


If there are stairs leading to your location or in the building, please inform me so I can plan time to transport my supplies.

Children and Animals

I prefer a child and animal free zone for their safety and mine


I do not smoke

Where will your massage take place?

In the comfort of your home or office. Please have at least a 10’x12’ room that can accommodate a massage table

Must you be completely undressed?

No. You can be however you feel comfortable. Sheets and draping is required

Will the therapist be present as I get undressed?

No. I’ll leave the room and then knock before I enter to ensure you are ready

Will you be covered during the massage?

Yes. I’ll only un-drape the areas upon which I work. I will cover you back up after working that specific area.

What part of your body will be massaged?

We’ll discuss your target areas and preferences prior to your appointment. I’ll customize your massage to meet your therapeutic needs.

What will the massage feel like?

During the massage, you’ll feel relaxed and rested. You may fall asleep. That’s normal! Depending upon the selected treatment, addons and essential oils, you may feel energized, relaxed, tired or a combination thereof. Everyone is different.

Please feel free to contact me with additional questions.

Andrea Murtha~ Certified Mobile Massage Therapist
Phone (520)355-7676
AZ License MT #14309

CA License MT #24002