Why Mobile Massage?

why do I offer Mobile Massage?

Its all about maintaining the comfort level of each individual.

some people need an escape from their home to relax where as others like to stay in their own comfort zone. I always feel honored when I’m invited into a home.

Not everyone has the time or feels comfortable going into a Spa to be worked on so I make it a bit easier.

I Supply EVERTHING and I give you your full time which is rare in the Spa world and I know because I’ve worked in every environment in my 13 years of doing professional massage.

I know what its like to deal with strict time frames and to have to rush people out and I’m really glad I know longer have to deal with that.

I get to be more personable and fully cater to your needs on my time table.

I look forward to working with your and getting to know what your professional needs are.